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Previous Litters
Pictures   of the Kali and Bru litter born on 3/16/03.
    Pictures   of the Kali and Coffee litter born on 6/17/04.
    Pictures   of the Kali and Brody litter born on 9/13/05.
  Pictures   of the Ellie and Joey litter born on 1/09/07.
   Pictures   of the Ellie and Roger litter born on 7/11/08.
     Pictures   of the Ellie and Dauber litter born on 9/18/09.
    Pictures   of the Ellie and Dauber litter born on 5/05/10.
     Pictures   of the Trippy and Chase litter born on 2/13/14.
   Pictures   of the Maia and Cyrus litter born on 1/03/15.
Upcoming - Litter

Beckett was bred to MBISS Grand CH Glacieridge Tabatha's Granite "Granite" on September 7th.    The litter will have black and chocolate puppies. Ultrasound is the first week of October and the litter will be due the first week of November. Puppies will be ready for their new homes the first week of January. Now taking names for my waiting list.    Click Here to view my puppy sales contract.
10/6   Beckett's ultrasound showed 7 -8 puppies. Her due date is November 7th +/- days. Ultra Sound
10/28  Beckett is growing, a little more than a week to go. On the couch  , Stretched out  
11/05   Beckett had her puppies. 7 pups, 1 Chocolate Male, 2 chocolate Females, 2 Black Males, 2 Black Females. Noisy Pups  , All lined up  
11/06   The pups were in to have their dew claws removed. Everyone did well
Color code for the collars
Black Pups - Yellow female,Purple female, Green male, Blue male,
Chocolate Pups - Orange male, Pink Female, Red Female
Hiding under the cover on the warming disk  
11/07   Morning picture, not sure what Beckett was trying to say Morning   Afternoon  all snoozing
11/08   Busy morning taking weights, trimming toe nails and letting out collars. Four days old and they no longer look like newborns. Their waist and butts are filling out nicely. Morning milk coma   Noon close up  . The biggest pup is Mr. Orange (chocolate), the next biggest is the Pink girl (chocolate). The smallest two are Ms Purple, and Mr Blue, both are black. Smallest  pups getting extra nursing time. They are coming along well.
11/09   More collars adjusted today. I have a name for the Orange collar chocolate boy - Chunk. He's the biggest pup and very hefty. Chowing down   and in the background you can hear Beckett snoring. The yellow collar girl arrived late to the milk bar this afternoon and had a melt down.  
11/10   Now we have missing collars, guess I didn't tie them securely enough. Snoozing   after new bedding was put down.
11/11   Sunday morning breakfast. All pups latched on, getting Crowded.  
11/12   A week old already week 1.  
11/13   Milk Coma.  
11/14   The milk bar is way too crowded. I have to do crowd control when they all eat at the same time. I have to tip Beckett back so that both rows are available. They are very determined to get a nipple. Breakfast,   Close up.   All wiped out.   Scattered about.  
11/15   Now the swimming pool is getting too crowded. Toenails were clipped again and most of the pups have "big pup" collas on now. No more rickrack. Tomorrow might be the time for a bigger pool until their eyes open. The pups are no longer slithering around the pool, most are up on their feet a bit to get around and their noses have been above the side of the pool. I'm surprised they can get their big tummys raised up at all. Before collars,   After collars .