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Previous Litters
Pictures   of the Kali and Bru litter born on 3/16/03.
    Pictures   of the Kali and Coffee litter born on 6/17/04.
    Pictures   of the Kali and Brody litter born on 9/13/05.
  Pictures   of the Ellie and Joey litter born on 1/09/07.
   Pictures   of the Ellie and Roger litter born on 7/11/08.
     Pictures   of the Ellie and Dauber litter born on 9/18/09.
    Pictures   of the Ellie and Dauber litter born on 5/05/10.
     Pictures   of the Trippy and Chase litter born on 2/13/14.
   Pictures   of the Maia and Cyrus litter born on 1/03/15.
Upcoming - Litter

Beckett was bred to MBISS Grand CH Glacieridge Tabatha's Granite "Granite" on September 7th.    The litter will have black and chocolate puppies. Ultrasound is the first week of October and the litter will be due the first week of November. Puppies will be ready for their new homes the first week of January. Now taking names for my waiting list.    Click Here to view my puppy sales contract.
10/6   Beckett's ultrasound showed 7 -8 puppies. Her due date is November 7th +/- days. Ultra Sound
10/28  Beckett is growing, a little more than a week to go. On the couch  , Stretched out  
11/05   Beckett had her puppies. 7 pups, 1 Chocolate Male, 2 chocolate Females, 2 Black Males, 2 Black Females. Noisy Pups  , All lined up  
11/06   The pups were in to have their dew claws removed. Everyone did well
Color code for the collars
Black Pups - Yellow female,Purple female, Green male, Blue male,
Chocolate Pups - Orange male, Pink Female, Red Female
Hiding under the cover on the warming disk  
11/07   Morning picture, not sure what Beckett was trying to say Morning   Afternoon  all snoozing
11/08   Busy morning taking weights, trimming toe nails and letting out collars. Four days old and they no longer look like newborns. Their waist and butts are filling out nicely. Morning milk coma   Noon close up  . The biggest pup is Mr. Orange (chocolate), the next biggest is the Pink girl (chocolate). The smallest two are Ms Purple, and Mr Blue, both are black. Smallest  pups getting extra nursing time. They are coming along well.
11/09   More collars adjusted today. I have a name for the Orange collar chocolate boy - Chunk. He's the biggest pup and very hefty. Chowing down   and in the background you can hear Beckett snoring. The yellow collar girl arrived late to the milk bar this afternoon and had a melt down.  
11/10   Now we have missing collars, guess I didn't tie them securely enough. Snoozing   after new bedding was put down.
11/11   Sunday morning breakfast. All pups latched on, getting Crowded.  
11/12   A week old already week 1.  
11/13   Milk Coma.  
11/14   The milk bar is way too crowded. I have to do crowd control when they all eat at the same time. I have to tip Beckett back so that both rows are available. They are very determined to get a nipple. Breakfast,   Close up.   All wiped out.   Scattered about.  
11/15   Now the swimming pool is getting too crowded. Toenails were clipped again and most of the pups have "big pup" collas on now. No more rickrack. Tomorrow might be the time for a bigger pool until their eyes open. The pups are no longer slithering around the pool, most are up on their feet a bit to get around and their noses have been above the side of the pool. I'm surprised they can get their big tummys raised up at all. Before collars,   After collars .  
11/16   The new pool is now in use. Much more space for the pups and mom. Chowing down,   Milk coma .  
11/17   Busy day for the pups, visitors arrived to hold the babies. Still chowing down,  
11/18   Another busy day with visitors. Found another picture of Daddy on the net. We have some 3lb pups already. The chocolates seem to be bulking up very quickly. Baby Daddy,  
11/19   Two weeks today! The pups are up on their feet moving along better, eyes still remain closed. From left to right, blue male, orange male, red female, green male, purple female,yellow female, pink female. Head panel ,   Breakfast .  
11/20   Exciting morning, Ms Purple has some eyes showing, no other pups this morning had any eyes showing. By evening, Mr Green and Ms Yellow were showing some eyes. Was unsuccessful getting any pictures. Also worming day and toe nails. Then Beckett started showing signs of mastitis, so was able to get some antibiotics for her.
11/21   More eyes open, Red girl is added to the list. They are starting to play with each other, not sure how much they actually see. I was finally able to get a movie of Ms Purple with her eyes open. Purple ,   Playing .  
11/23   Happy Thanksgiving! So proud of Beckett and how she stayed with her pups with all the comotion above her during Thanksgiving meal with my husbands relatives, kids and grandkids. Nothing bothered her and she was very happy to show off her pups to the visitors. All eyes are open, even the Blue boy's. Yellow girl ,   talking to mom. Breakfast .  with Purple girl to the right looking at me.
11/24   More visitors and the same unflappable Beckett. The chocolates are all over 4 lbs with BIG PINK ahead of Orange boy. Yellow girl and Green boy are not far behind and at the 4lb mark too. Purple girl is 3 lbs and Blue boy made it to 3lbs today. The feeding area is very crowded. Monday I will start the pups on goat milk and baby cereal. Blue got a taste of it yesterday and thought it was OK, Purple girl was not liking it at all. Pink was more than happy to clean the bowl and thinks its a hit. The big pen will also get put up in the next couple of days. More room for them to explore and a potty area setup. I've started putting pee pads in the pool and they are starting to use them. Orange boy ,   getting cleaned by mom. Purple girl .   resting with the duck.
11/25   Setup day for the new pen. The pups still look too small to be in the bigger enclosure, so the pool is still in use for now. The other dogs can be inside for a while now since the pups are protected by the enclosure. The pups are mouthing hands and fingers and I can feel bumps where teeth are coming in. Nothing sharp yet, but the teeth are on the way! The new diggs ,   Playing,   Playing II,   Playing III.  
11/26   3 weeks old today. First attempt to have the pups lick up goat milk and baby cereal. All had some of the food, but the one that licked up the most was the smallest pup, Mr Blue. In a day or two they will get the hang of licking out of a dish, the edge is something they haven't figured out yet. Mr Orange and Ms Pink are the biggest today at 5 lbs even. teeth are on the way! Crusty Mr Blue ,   Too crowded .  
11/27   Another pup is a 5 pounder, Ms Yellow. The baby cereal went a bit better today. Beckett hasn't been wanting to snooze with the pups, not sure if she is feeling the teeth coming in or not. Mr Blue and mom ,   Orange mouthing  my fingers.
11/28   Blue boy hit 4lbs today and bye-bye to the pool. I think Beckett and the pups are enjoying the extra room and I can sit with them and they crawl all over me. Teeth are definitely happening. Yellow girl has the tips of the canines visible. Now we will work on litter box training them. All spread out ,   Breakfast ,   Crawling on me ,   Lunch .   The chocolates were awake and being photogenic Pink ,   Orange ,   Red .  
11/30   Working on litter box training, some success, some not so successful. They are still young so there's time. Cereal is going down better. Ms Purple still is not impressed, Yellow, Blue, Green think it's great. Seems like the teeth are getting more pronounced by the hour. After breakfast play and snooze ,   Playing .  
12/01   Busy Saturday with visitors. Pups were having a good time, but crashed frequently. The teeth are very noticable and starting to hurt. Pink and Red playing ,   Socializer ,   Socializer II ,   No more room ,   How many pups  can fit in the corner. Not sure why they are all huddled in the corner.
12/02   I bought some marrow bones to see if the pups would chew on them. All I got was a couple of licks, no chewing and very little interest. Now, Beckett was on the other side of their pen anxiously waiting for one of the bones. Tomorrow will add canned food to their baby cereal. This starts the beginnings of weaning. By 5 weeks they will be on softened puppy food. I hope they like the added canned food this week. Beckett is going to show less interest in nursing them with the teeth fully out.
12/03   4 weeks old today. Canned dog food added to their cereal and it went well. Ms Pink is 7lb 2oz and is the heaviest pup. Mr. Blue continues to be the best eater of the group. Pink and Orange boy keep trading off which one is the biggest. I will be increasing the number of feedings of the canned food during the week. Head Shots .  
12/04   Jim talking to some of the pups after their dinner tonight. Ms Yellow is the best at giving kisses. Facetime ,   Facetime I .   Facetime II .  
12/05   Pups were very bitey tonight and that upsets Beckett when one starts to cry. Luckily they don't stay awake too long. It's nice that they are glad to see me in their pen. Swarming me ,   Purple girl playing ,   Almost all sleeping ,   Hanging with mom .  
12/06   First night upstairs sleeping in my bed. And the start of a mystery. I set the alarm for 3am so I could let Beckett out of the puppy pen to go potty and have some food. When I get down there, she's out of the pen. and the only way I can think she could get out was to jump over the 30" wooden sides. And I couldn't find any signs of the bedding being pushed aside during a big jump. So let her out, fed her and put her back in to feed the pups. When I get up at 7, she's out of the pen again. Still no signs of a big jump or any noises on the baby monitor near my bed. I'm worried that she's going to snag her hanging teats during one of these jumps. So dropped Jim off at his doctor appt and when I get home, Beckett is out of the pen again but I noticed some foot depressions in the seats of the couch. The couch is next to the potty area for the pups and there are big foot depressions in there, so she's making her exit from the potty area and landing on the couch. Mystery solved! Morning swarm ,   Green boy playing .   More Green playing .  
12/07   Starting the weaning process and Beckett isn't wanting to feed the pups very often and there's no room. Even standing up it's a free-for-all. Now feeding the canned food, cereal and goat milk 4x a day. Beckett still needs to nurse them between those feedings which is probably less than half the times she normally would. The pups are pooping in the litter area, pee is hit or miss. We wake them up and put them in the potty area and they are starting to get the hang of things. Stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up some new toys and they love them! Playing ,   Shake that toy .   Purple chewing ,   Threesome ,   Yellow and toy .   Yellow again ,   Purple needs attention .  
12/08   The pups are missing having mom to feed off of during the night. They were starvin' marvins this morning at 5am. Beckett's milk production is definitely down, which is to be expected. Pups, of course, would rather have mom feed them. Weights this morning....
Pink girl....8lb 10.3 oz
Yellow girl..8lb 5oz
Orange boy...8lb 4.8 oz
Green boy....8lb 1.6 oz
Red girl.....7lb 15 oz
Blue boy.....7lb 1.7 oz
Purple girl..7lb 0.2 oz
The Pink girl continues to be the weight leader. Brought the bones out again since the pups have been chewing/biting more. A few decided they could be good to chew on. Will introduce them again in a couple of days to see if the response improves. Bones ,   Bones II .   Bones III .